How do I view contacts emails?

Here is how to view contacts emails:

1) Once logged in on the left menu click "Leads Search", then click "New Search".

2) Click "Build a Business List"

3) There will be a popup asking "How will you be contact these leads" click "Email"

4) Here you will find sections #1-5 where you can make your selections for industry, contact title, location and more. Please make your selections.

5) Once the results finish it should have the number of results in the top right corner, then click the orange button "I'm finished, view results"

7) Now on the results page click on any individual leads name on the grid and you should see his email and more detailed contact information on the right hand side.

Please note: viewing phone numbers and email addresses is available once you have chosen a paid plan, the free trial doesn't allow viewing of emails.

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